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Green is Life
2023 August 31-September 2
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In love with nature, aware of its profits, proudly, we promote a fashion for making our environment greener. The trees have always been treated as green monuments. Some important events have been marked by planting trees. Nowadays, we experience so many significant moments that a garden could turn out to be way too small for all those green monuments representing special anniversaries, successes or births. Therefore, you will find plants for each kind of garden at our nursery. We combine tradition and modernity keeping in mind the benefits from the greenery round us. Any reason to plant trees is good.

According to Polish tradition, a man should beget a child, build a house and plant a tree.

Maybe we should start with planting a tree?

Who are we?

The Piech Nursery is a family-owned company, that has been teaching how to love nature for years. Bearing in mind changing trends in the green sector, we keep looking for new inspiration all over the world. The effects of those researches, you can see in the gallery (link).

We do our best to deliver the highest quality products. Each year we expand our selection with new successful varieties from prestigious exhibitions.


Gardening becomes more and more popular. A beautiful garden is a reason to be proud of. This is the fact that contributes in making a decision about further development of the company and its first plantings in Kurow, the new location of the Piech nursery.


The Piech Nursery becomes a member of the Polish Nurserymen Association. From this moment, we take part anually at the International „Green is life” Exhibition.


Over the years, our plants build a reputation among our customers from such countries as Belarus, Bulgary, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Moldova, Russia, Romania, Ukraine, Uzbekistan.


Hard work and investments are the best words to describe this period. A new location means a big challenge. We build a whole infrastructure, container fields, irrigation system, greenhouses, warehouse and loading dock.


New year, new challenges and a new generation in the Piech nursery. Agnieszka Piech-Szumowska and Michal Szumowski are very hopeful that their energy and ideas will convince their generation about the idea of making our world greener, an idea that should be always trendy. Development also means changes. Apart from introducing new varieties to our production, we also decide to change the logo of the Piech nursery. For the first time ever, the Piech nursery takes part at the International Flowers Expo Exhibition in Moscow.

Currently, the Piech nursery covers the area of 30ha, containing 22ha of nursery stock in the field, 6ha of nursery stock in containers and 1800m2 of nursery stock in the greenhouse.

We love our job. How can you not love a job that makes the world better?


Do you want to know what looks the most beautiful in our nursery at the moment? What's worth buying now? What news have we prepared for the upcoming season? It's easy! Just follow us on Instagram or like our page on Facebook. We start to exist on social media to share our knowledge and spread our passion for greening, also remotely :)


We are planning. We think. We plan and act. We are expanding the acreage and we think what to do to ensure that the plants reach our customers quickly, efficiently and in perfect condition.


We are introducing large avenue trees to our offer. From now on, you can buy trees with perimeter parameters 10/12, 12/14, 14/16.


We make sure that our offer regularly includes new products appreciated at trade shows. We try to supplement our offer with plants sought by landscape architects and green enthusiasts. The return to nature trend is not just a fad! In response to numerous inquiries about plants for the forest garden, we extend our offer with ferns.


Gold medal in the international Plant Novelties Competition in Warsaw at the Green to Life 2020 Exhibition for Parrotia persica PERSIAN SPIRE® 'JLPN01' PBR.

Terms of sale


Please place orders and make inquiries by filling the order form on our website or by sending an email ( Please, let us know before collecting bigger orders.


All prices stated in the price list are the wholesale netto prices quoted on EXW basis. Those prices are applied when at least 100 potted plants are purchased. The wholesale prices also concern garden wholesalers, outlets, garden designers and all the companies responsible for green area development without regard to the quantity of the purchased plants.